Financial Aid & Emergency Assistance

Due to our present economical hardships, people are feeding themselves in desperate situations (no job, no insurance, no money). We understand and offer this information for emergency services and assistance. We hope this helps you and/or someone you know.

Ashten’s Note:

One of my former property owner’s asked me why I wasted my time being a “social worker.” I was appalled with their lack of empathy and disdain. There are so many reasons and instances of how this information has benefited everyone involved. I’m going to tell you about “Shirley” (Tenant’s name has been changed) and how this information helped her AND the same property owners who thought I was wasting my time being a social worker.

Shirley was a long-term resident at this property. She had been there for twelve (12) years and never missed a payment nor was she late. Shirley walked into the office and asked to speak with me. She was distraught. She had just been laid off. She would receive unemployment but she would no longer have medical insurance. She couldn’t afford the COBRA payments. Shirley was taking three (3) life-sustaining prescriptions. Without having her medical insurance, she would have to pay full price for these prescriptions. She wanted to know if there was anything we could do about her rent because she would not be able to pay her full rent every month AND be able to purchase her prescriptions. I had an application to University Hospital for medical services which included prescriptions. Shirley and I discussed how this program worked and what she needed to do. She completed the paperwork and faxed it in. She then completed the Unemployment registration on line. Two week’s later Shirley came back to the office to speak with me. She received a letter from University Hospital stating she was approved for their services and would receive her prescriptions free of charge for the next three (3) months. She would then need to reapply. She also was approved for her unemployment.

Fifteen (15) minutes of my time resulted in the Tenant being able to pay their FULL rent, get their needed medications and the Property Owners were able to keep a long-term tenant.